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Engineers are the most versatile creatures. It has been proven by India’s Youtube sensation Siddharth Slathia.

Hailing from Jammu and Kashmir and an Engineering College dropout from Jaipur, Siddharth is country’s one of the most talked about and talented cover singer.  Dropping out from college to pursue a degree in Indian classical music by following his heart to become a singer and finally becoming one of the most renowned Youtuber , has an inspirational journey for many who love art but has no such family background.

He debuted his singing career idealizing legend Sonu Nigam and his Singing reflects the same.

So, lets dive into the tune of Siddharth’s magical cover song.

Here is the list of few such covers, obviously my favorites :

  • Kuchh Kuchh Hota Hai

Seriously, Kuchh Kuchh hoga … Ek baar sun kar to dekho

  • Dheere Dheere Se

Collaborating with Violinist Rob Landes from USA , its perfect touch to 90s Aashiqui fever.

  • Bulleya

Perfect, soothing and melodious . Must say , a cover making justice to awesomeness.

  • Tumhe Apna Banane ka

Using Tum Hi Ho tune from Aashiqui 2 in this cover will make you fall in love with his way of singing.

Now, that’s not enough … He is not only melodious and dexterous,  his creativity and way of doing experiments makes him stand alone in the crowd.

If you don’t believe , just look into his experimental works :

  • Lollipop lagelu

An international touch to Bhojpuri  Song “Lollipop lagelu” , Collaborating with Kimberly McDonough from USA… Ask any Bihari friend to listen it , he/she will start flying in the air.


  • Tum Hi Ho – 10 different ways

Single person, one song and 10 different styles … If not wrong , he was first to do this experiment in India.

  • 50 Songs on one beat (Shape of You)

He rocked this mashup as well and once again , this type of experiment first time in India…. Salute !!

Wishing you very good luck Siddharth and obviously, waiting for your playback in Bollywood.

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    wow………suprb bro i have been following you since 3 years

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